About Us

940264_lLEXINGTON BARBER COLLEGE was founded in April, 1962 and was originally located in downtown Lexington. Initially known as The Lexington Barber College, the facility was purchased entirely by Mr. Roger L. Bailey in 1967. In 1982 the College was moved to Woodhill Center and the name was changed to BAILEY’S BARBER COLLEGE, INC. in 1985. A new facility was opened in December 1998, at 1489 Alexandria Drive, in Lexington; in which we stayed at this location for 10 years. In June, 2009, BAILEY’S/LEXINGTON BARBER COLLEGE moved to a new facility on N. Limestone St. in Lexington.

All licensed instructors in the State of Kentucky must have met certain requirements dictated by Kentucky Law and the Kentucky Board of Barbering. All BAILEY’S/LEXINGTON BARBER COLLEGE staff members strive to train students who want a career in the field of Barbering and Hairstyling so they will be able to render high quality service. Our Instructors continue to search for ways to improve our curriculum and teaching methods.

BAILEY’S/LEXINGTON BARBER COLLEGE is approved and licensed by the Kentucky Board of Barbering, Louisville, Kentucky. It is approved for training by the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Kentucky Approving Agency for Veterans Education. Our facility is committed to thoroughly training students in the necessary theories and skills required to become Barber-Stylists in the State of Kentucky. We believe in developing student motivation, customer relations and retention. Every effort is made to respond to the needs of the Barbering Industry. BAILEY’S/LEXINGTON BARBER COLLEGE can provide training that will allow graduates to function effectively in today’s concepts of Barbering and Hairstyling.

BAILEY’S LEXINGTON/BARBER COLLEGE is dedicated to principals which will be accomplished by exposing students to sound business practice, customer relations, and solid instructional program, resulting in high ethical standards, thus impacting the entire industry.

Today the field of Barbering and Hairstyling has more to offer than ever before. Clients require quality service from the professional Barber-Stylist. We feel we can offer the highest standard of training needed at our facility to students which allow them the opportunity of membership in a very rewarding profession.