College Curriculum

photo18aOur course covers fifteen hundred (1500) total clock hours of training as outlined below.

Students are given actual shop experience and shop management principles and practice on patrons who come regularly to the College for all their barber needs.

The following is a list of subjects established by the Kentucky Board of Barbering and the approximate number of clock hours devoted to each:

Hair Cutting (including) –
Men’s Cuts, Women’s Cuts, Children’s Cuts, Shear & Razor Cuts, Clipper Cuts & Styling 935

Shaving 100

Skin and Scalp Diseases 100

Anatomy and Physiology 80

Relaxers and Perms 80

Instruments 30

Sanitation and Sterilization 40

Hair Coloring 40

Shampooing 40

Psychology 10

History, Professional ethics and other information 10

Electricity 10

Pharmacology 20

Massaging 35

Bacteriology and Hygiene 30


The study and mastery of the above curriculum, coupled with the desire to combine professional skill with modern scientific knowledge, plus a desire to maintain high standards of service, should assure a successful career in Barber-Styling.